Monday, December 21, 2009

John: Lovesick

About a month (well, exactly a month) ago I promised to post about John. I told you the barebones of what had happened and was planning on making a longer post of it but it really isn't of any importance anymore.

During the past month we've barely made contact. A few weeks ago he seemed alarmed about me not communing with him but I told him my laptop was broken and that I had been rather busy. Which was true.

A couple of weeks passed without him making any attempt to reach me so I assumed he was either resentful or just not interested. As I had promised myself (and also told him about that) I was not going to contact him first - I have nothing against spending time with him but I am not the one to go after him.

Last week on Saturday he couldn't bear it anymore and broke the silence. Well, I saw it just as him contacting after a long time but that's the way he took it. A few minutes past 4 o'clock in the morning I received a text message from him. I wasn't sleeping well that night so the vibrations of the phone woke me up immediately.

He asked me if I was willing to go on a cruise with his daughter. That was it. I thought he wanted me to go and escort her or something, as she is underage and I would be a good choice since she knows me and we get along well. So I replied that it would be a very nice Christmas present.

We exchanged a few more petty messages during the next couple of hours until he finally sent one that was absolutely ridiculous. I am tired of waiting after you. And yet I do. WHAT??? YOU waiting for ME???? I really didn't know if I should laugh or cry.

So this was my answer: There is no way I could reply this without being acrid. So rather I ask, what have you been waiting for? Well, then he decided he's not waiting for anything but that our 'last and only' chance to be together would be going on the cruise just the two of us, without the daughter.

With the next few messages he tried to take it to the relationship matters but I let him know this was not a phone talk and that I was going to sleep since I only had a few hours until the alarm. As usual, this led to him calling me. Six o'clock in the morning. We talked for about an hour.

As it turned out, John and his wife had broken up. And that he misses me terribly. And that he is lovesick for me. And that he is crazy about me. My answer to the last three? 'That's a normal reaction to wanting something you don't have'. 'Maybe,' he agreed. 'But I don't think so.'

He was in town later that day but I was really busy. Since he had wanted to see me 'so bad' I managed to give him half an hour. And again, as usual, he didn't talk about anything important. Just some pointless work related small talk. As usual.

We did agree to go on the cruise together and he booked it today. We're going to go in the middle of January and it's his Christmas present to me (or a Birthday present.. or both, I don't remember which word he used).

The boarding is Thursday evening, the ship sails from our capital to the other capital by the next morning. We'll spend a day there (he knows the city so he's doing all the planning) and then start our way back in the evening, bringing us back to homeland by the next morning. He's already scheduling a museum for the morning, then lunch and after that shopping. Works for me!

Old love has not awaken in me yet but I don't have anything against spending time with him either. We'll see.




Cocaine Princess said...

Love comes from unexpected places. Most of the time it hits you when you’re not looking.

Love may just awaken from within you while on board......And now I have the theme to "Love Boat" running in my mind.

Enjoy your cruise!! I'm looking forward reading all about it.

P.S. It’s not an Alaskan cruise is it. Remember Poodle Lady is taking one too!

Bruce said...

While I am not a mind seem less than ethusiastic about the whole relationship.

While reading this, I had a couple of warning bells go off in my head, based on past experience. He sounds needy. Really needy. Which is the death-nell to any relationship. Needy people are looking for someone else to 'complete' them and make them happy.

Relationships only work when each member has their own happiness and is willing to share it with the other. Doesn't sound like Mr. Love Boat has much to share.