Sunday, November 22, 2009

Frankie: The Young Lawyer

He's got a name now. The Young Lawyer sounds nice, too, but it's not personal enough. And it's way too long. So I give you: Frankie The Young Lawyer. From here on, just Frankie.

As I told you yesterday, after going out during the day we went out in the evening, too. He was at my gate half past nine so we headed towards the Old Town again. Thanks to my miscalculations we took a bit longer walk than planned but that wasn't an issue for neither of us.

We finally settled at a members-only cultural-bohemian place. Oh, in the last post I mentioned him keeping his eyes on the road while chatting on Friday but what I forgot to say was that yesterday at the café he was already making a lot more eye contact. And by yesterday evening he rarely looked away.

Some Cuba Libre + two sets of sparkling eyes = endless chats for hours.

We left around midnight and he told me he'd be walking me home now since he had some paper work to do this morning. We made a little stop on one of the belvederes again and sat on the edge. All of sudden I noticed a strange man coming towards us. I was sure he was going to ask for cash or a cigarette or something but.. He had a rose in his hand and he gave it to Frankie, saying 'Give it to your girl.' And then he left. Maybe his own girl didn't show up, who knows. Ah, who cares, it's beautiful and mine now.

As we got up to move on, he offered me his elbow. So on we went arm in arm. My street came too soon, as usual. I was already looking forward to the goodbye on the gate when I noticed a young woman with a cigarette walking down the street. 'Now that can't be anyone else but my roomie,' I said, suggesting we'd join her for a cigarette.

At the same time I was really happy she got to meet Frankie and really disappointed about losing the last moments of alone time with him. But I knew I won't have to expect any less than perfect prudence from my very best friend. She claimed it was chilly outside and excused herself to go back inside.

After getting rid of the cigarette buds we stopped behind my gate again. This time it wasn't just a quick see-you-later-hug. He held me long and firmly. He then pulled back a little but didn't let go of me. He smiled with his eyes and then kissed me. He looked at me again and then we kissed some more.

His lips were so soft and.. well, I'm so giddy over this I just can't find words to describe it. I was melting like butter in his hands, not to mention feeling lightheaded. Even now, when I think about it, a jolt of butterflies storms through my stomach.

He hugged me again and caressed the back of my head. 'How about cooking tomorrow. You for me or me for you or together,' I heard him saying behind my ear. Since he mentioned somewhere along the conversation during our first date yesterday that her ex-girlfriend wasn't much of a cook (at all) I kept on talking about my GREAT cooking skills both during the day and night dates. So I told him it sounds like a good idea and that he should figure out what he would like to have.

After a bit more kissing he left. He did forget his gloves in my purse so he has to see me again anyway. But the fact he wanted to meet me again on the next dayt is a good thing, right? That tomorrow of his is today by now but it's just morning so.. we'll see what the day will bring.



Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random Men: The Young Lawyer

I'm still not sure about giving him a name but I hope it will get a bit more clear in the next few days. He did come to pick me up last night - just before midnight so I was like Cinderella running from the class reunion. While driving back to town we did chat but he kept his eyes on the road.

Back in town we first went to an old ski jump tower waiting for the season. We climbed up the wooden stairs and took a seat for a chat and a cigarette. It was dark and there were old pines all around the tower but over them we had a magnificent view of the lighted town.

We then drove to the other end of the town and took a walk on a long pier. It was dark but the sky was filled with stars, the city lights were shining over the bay and the sound of waves was calming.

Our next stop was a belvedere in the Old Town. A view over the medieval city, snacking on grapes and bananas, all spiced with bass heard from night clubs. Well, the last one wasn't exactly pleasing but it did become part of the memory.

He then drove me home. It was around half past two. We had our last cigarettes and then he escorted me to the gate and gave me hug, saying 'See you tomorrow'. I smiled with a 'You're my hero,' referring to him rescuing me from the party.

The fact he still wanted to meet me the next day was a good thing, right? Yes, it was.

He called me a bit after noon today, asking if I was already awake. I was in my deepest dreams when the phone rang but did I tell him that? No, I'm all up! was what I said. You're not made of sugar, are you? he asked hopefully. It was raining but I let him know I had rubber boots so no worry. He told me he'd be here in a bit less than an hour.

We perambulated for an hour and a half in the Old Town, sharing an umbrella. Our walk found it's ending in a nice little café. The season of hot toddy has definitely arrived so we had some. We ended up chatting for hours.

He walked me home around six o'clock. As we were approaching my house he asked if I was willing to go out with him later in the night. I was just about to say 'Yes, if you're asking', but he beat me to it saying 'If I ask you nicely.'

So I got a hug and a 'See you later' on the gate again. He went home for a nap since he was tired but I'm waiting for him to call any time soon.

The fact he still wanted to meet me later in the night is a good thing, right?



Friday, November 20, 2009

Just for The Record

A few words of 'em all.

Peter. I haven't seen him since August but that's only because I haven't wanted to see him. He keeps on texting and calling every now and then but I keep making excuses such as not having time, being busy etc. Last weekend I was at the Uni again, and as it turned out Peter was giving a workshop in the same town on Saturday. He asked me a few days earlier about accommodation there but I told him that my school's dorm is probably full and suggested a few places far away from there. Friday night I was out with my friends when he suddenly called. My first thought? Noooooooo, I have to invite him out now! I was in luck, he didn't ask about my whereabouts at all. He wanted to know how to get to my school's dorm from the main building. Damn! He was in the same building as me for the weekend. He so invaded my territory. AND he was literally neighbours with John. He then called me on Monday. I was at a meeting so I told him to call later. He didn't. Then he sent me a text on Wednesday about being sick for the last couple of days and promising to contact me on Thursday. The reason for wanting to meet me? His soul needs the touch of my feminine irony and charm. His words, not mine. Oh so cheesy.

John. I have a lot to tell you. This needs a separate post. But just so you know what to expect, we've had quite some alone time with him. Drunk and sober, intercourse and no intercourse, here and there. He's tells me he wants to be with me on one moment and panicks about the age difference on the other. I have told him that I don't trust him and that I have nothing against spending time with him but I won't be expecting anything from him. And that's true. I like to be with him but I stopped dreaming about a mutual future quite some time ago. The funny thing is he has barely contacted me this week and I have barely noticed. And now during writing this post I received a text message from him. Love has come over me again :) Ok. So. What do you want me to say? When I don't know what to say or just don't want to answer I like to respond with questions. This time? It goes in cycles alike with economy for you?

Carl. We've found a mutual fondness for vampires. He, too, goes in cycles, I think. Every now and then he gets really enthusiastic and suggests going to the movies some time. This one weekend he even wanted to come over to make movies-food-wine night at my place. I was really busy that night so instead I invited him to a concert I was helping to organise. He liked it and we had fun. We went to dinner with the festival crowd after the concert and then he gave me a cab ride home. That's about it.

Mark. No news. Haven't talked much lately. My brother is a trainee at the company he works in at the moment. Thanks to him for that!

William. I saw him on Tuesday. The first time I saw him after that kiss. We were at the same event and he called a little after the start but I shut the phone off and sent him a text about the first talker already being on. A couple of hours later the event was over. When we finally got to each other through the crowd I greeted him with a hug. He hugged me back and gave me a kiss on my temple. He also had something to give me. It was a wooden box. I went through hell trying to open it at home but when I finally did, it was worth it. Sorry girls, no pearls or diamonds. Just a bottle of good wine.

Random men. I've been e-mailing with this young lawyer for past couple of weeks. Just chatting about the matters of the world, all through irony and friendly sarcasm. He seems smart and funny. I asked from a mutual friend about him and she told me nothing but good of him. A couple of days ago he asked me about my weekend plans. I told him I was attending a school reunion Friday night but don't have any other plans for the rest of the weekend. He proposed going on a walk. I like walks, I told him. This morning we exchanged numbers via Windows Live. I told him a little about the reunion I was having tonight. I told him I'm not exactly too eager to go - not that I don't want to be with the people there but it's being held at a place about 50 miles out of town which means I have to stay overnight. I prefer sleeping at home. And he told me he could come and pick me up if it got too bad. He's really cute. I hope he becomes worthy of having a name instead of being a random man.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Friday the 13th

I have never really let that date bother me. I have not hidden myself under the covers, I have not tried to ignore the presence of such an event. I have respected it but never actually feared it. Well, that has changed now.

All through the day I heard people talking about bumping (or having bumped) their car on the way to work. Or another guy who ran into a pipe at work and bruised his eye. Funny, I thought to myself, People are really having a Friday the 13th.

And then the classes were over so I headed to my dorm room. While trying to get the key in the whole.. I dropped my laptop. Actually I don't like to say 'I dropped it', I'd rather go with 'it fell'. So While trying to get the key in the whole, my laptop fell on the tiled floor.

What went on after that has no importance but the main keywords are probably 'panic', 'tears' and 'lots of phone calls to IT-related friends'. The screen is crashed. Fortunately, my mother said she'll lend me her laptop until I get mine fixed since she can use her work computer for her personal errands.

Until I get my mother's laptop and my own fixed, I'll use my brother's one (he is on a long visit here) when he's at work. I'm sad.



Thursday, November 12, 2009


The past few weeks have been crazy. Work-wise and especially John-wise. I have a lot to tell you! But before I get to that, there's a little something I have to blat out.

I have received my very first blog award! Thank you so much, Allyson from Pink Flip Flops & Wine ! I've been following her for some time now and she is absolutely adorable. Her blog is very sweet and down to earth so go and check it out.

Here is the award I received:

I really couldn't be any more proud since I feel she really hit the nail with this very award.

But now I would like to give this award to some of you, too! I am giving this award to:

Jules @ Night Notes on Napkins for the oh so (drunken) witty Night Notes and more;

Riot Kitty @ Riot Kitty for her incisiveness;

Miss Caught Up @ Miss Caught Up for recapturing her independence in such a fabulous manner.

Congratulations to me and them!



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hoochie Friday

Two weeks ago Friday I attended a birthday party. It was held out of town so after buying a nice metal box and changing some money into coins for the present to be a treasure (he had requested something that fits in an envelope if you know what I mean) my friend Lisa and I got in her car and took off.

The theme of the party was Truckers and Hookers. Damn was I hot! Lisa has a thing about wearing unconventional outfits so she refused to be neither. She's not very outgoing either so considering the fact we both only knew each other and the B-Day Boy I had no other chance but to stay by her side. Which meant I didn't get to mingle a lot, either. At least I got to know most of the guys while going out for a cigarette - the girls inside didn't dig us as the intruders that much, 'tho.

Lisa didn't want to stay over night so I agreed to leave around midnight since I had to get back home to let my brother who was in town and was going to stay at my place in. That obviously did not happen. I was having fun and wanted to get to know more people. And the B-Day Boy asked me to stay.

Lisa left half past midnight when they were awarding the best costumes and such. But after that was when the party actually started - that's when it got from drinking and chatting to drinking and dancing. I ignored the awful mustache the B-Day Boy had glued on when he smiled at me and reached out his hand with a 'may I?'.

So we danced. And then we danced some more. We danced close. He twirled me. And then he pulled me back in. We had a few cigarette and drink breaks and the guests wanted some of his attention, too, of course. But then we danced some more. He pulled me in close. Very close. And then he whispered in my ear 'I am going to kiss you soon, did you know that?'. 'I know,' I replied with a smile. He looked a little disappointed. 'Well, in that case I'll wait for a better song.'

A good fifteen seconds later he kissed me. His lips were soft and tender. He varied from gentle to passionate. Just the way I like it. 'Too impatient to wait for the next song, aren't we,' I said with a smirk. A 'yes' was all he could mumble before diving back in. When it came to smooching, we were a match - we used pretty much the same technique so the synergy was great.

We had been dancing and twirling and kissing for hours when at one point he took me by the hand and headed towards the hostel part of the building. The doors were open for a number of rooms so the sleepy guests could go right to bed and pay in the morning. We entered one of the empty rooms and I locked it from the inside.

I wasn't wearing a bra and my dress was on the floor before I could even notice. That's when the difficulties started. 'How can I get your panties off but leave the stockings and the holder on?' This meant I had to unhook the stockings, let him remove the panties and then hook it all up again, since, you know, 'you look hot in them' works almost as well as 'please'.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Oh, and he had removed his mustache long before our first kiss on the dance floor. He planted kisses all over my biggest and most sensitive organ - the skin. He fondled my breasts and caressed my body. He then finally put the male and female puzzle pieces together, the Lego pieces got attached, the Barbie and Ken.. well, they can't really do anything so that metaphore won't go. To make the short story I tend to make long back to short again, he entered me.

Still waiting for the part were the difficulties continue? Well, this is it. As it turned out, he had had just about enough alcohol to still think r a t h e r clear and walk r a t h e r straight but yet have some manly bits not in the best order. It wasn't completely out of order but exactly not functioning either so he tried a bit more but then we agreed to meet another time and be sober.

So we got dressed and back to the main room were only a few dancers were left - everyone else had either left, gone to sleep or were in the sauna. We decided to go to sleep, too, since the first train which I planned to get on was to go in about two hours. When we finally got past the chatting part and making him understand my need for some sleep before leaving it was already a bit after 5 o'clock in the morning. The alarm was set to 5:45.

When I got up it was impossible to awake him. He finally mumbled a 'bye' through sleep and so I took off. I missed the train since I got lost on my way but fortunately the next one came in fifteen minutes. I got home a bit before 8 o'clock. My roommate had let my brother in around 4:30 when I woke her up by calling her and asking her to do it. She's my angel!

Around noon (I was still asleep) I got a call from the B-Day Boy. He told me about their morning of cleaning an packing and told me he would be contact soon. A couple of days later he let me know via Windows Live that he is thinking about when to ask me out. I told him to let me know when ever he gets the thinking part over with. We have had a few chats since then and it seems we are both rather busy these days. If he asks me, I don't have anything against going out with him. If he doesn't.. well, his loss. :)