Friday, November 20, 2009

Just for The Record

A few words of 'em all.

Peter. I haven't seen him since August but that's only because I haven't wanted to see him. He keeps on texting and calling every now and then but I keep making excuses such as not having time, being busy etc. Last weekend I was at the Uni again, and as it turned out Peter was giving a workshop in the same town on Saturday. He asked me a few days earlier about accommodation there but I told him that my school's dorm is probably full and suggested a few places far away from there. Friday night I was out with my friends when he suddenly called. My first thought? Noooooooo, I have to invite him out now! I was in luck, he didn't ask about my whereabouts at all. He wanted to know how to get to my school's dorm from the main building. Damn! He was in the same building as me for the weekend. He so invaded my territory. AND he was literally neighbours with John. He then called me on Monday. I was at a meeting so I told him to call later. He didn't. Then he sent me a text on Wednesday about being sick for the last couple of days and promising to contact me on Thursday. The reason for wanting to meet me? His soul needs the touch of my feminine irony and charm. His words, not mine. Oh so cheesy.

John. I have a lot to tell you. This needs a separate post. But just so you know what to expect, we've had quite some alone time with him. Drunk and sober, intercourse and no intercourse, here and there. He's tells me he wants to be with me on one moment and panicks about the age difference on the other. I have told him that I don't trust him and that I have nothing against spending time with him but I won't be expecting anything from him. And that's true. I like to be with him but I stopped dreaming about a mutual future quite some time ago. The funny thing is he has barely contacted me this week and I have barely noticed. And now during writing this post I received a text message from him. Love has come over me again :) Ok. So. What do you want me to say? When I don't know what to say or just don't want to answer I like to respond with questions. This time? It goes in cycles alike with economy for you?

Carl. We've found a mutual fondness for vampires. He, too, goes in cycles, I think. Every now and then he gets really enthusiastic and suggests going to the movies some time. This one weekend he even wanted to come over to make movies-food-wine night at my place. I was really busy that night so instead I invited him to a concert I was helping to organise. He liked it and we had fun. We went to dinner with the festival crowd after the concert and then he gave me a cab ride home. That's about it.

Mark. No news. Haven't talked much lately. My brother is a trainee at the company he works in at the moment. Thanks to him for that!

William. I saw him on Tuesday. The first time I saw him after that kiss. We were at the same event and he called a little after the start but I shut the phone off and sent him a text about the first talker already being on. A couple of hours later the event was over. When we finally got to each other through the crowd I greeted him with a hug. He hugged me back and gave me a kiss on my temple. He also had something to give me. It was a wooden box. I went through hell trying to open it at home but when I finally did, it was worth it. Sorry girls, no pearls or diamonds. Just a bottle of good wine.

Random men. I've been e-mailing with this young lawyer for past couple of weeks. Just chatting about the matters of the world, all through irony and friendly sarcasm. He seems smart and funny. I asked from a mutual friend about him and she told me nothing but good of him. A couple of days ago he asked me about my weekend plans. I told him I was attending a school reunion Friday night but don't have any other plans for the rest of the weekend. He proposed going on a walk. I like walks, I told him. This morning we exchanged numbers via Windows Live. I told him a little about the reunion I was having tonight. I told him I'm not exactly too eager to go - not that I don't want to be with the people there but it's being held at a place about 50 miles out of town which means I have to stay overnight. I prefer sleeping at home. And he told me he could come and pick me up if it got too bad. He's really cute. I hope he becomes worthy of having a name instead of being a random man.


Allyson said...

oooooo this new guy seems like a good catch! can't wait to hear where it goes. i hope he gets a name too!

Cocaine Princess said...

"When we finally got to each other through the crowd I greeted him with a hug."

Wow, that sounds like something out of a movie. How romantic for you.

A bottle of wine...sometimes what wine can do to a girl, jewelery can't.

The Lawyer, hmm.....sounds interesting.

Passion Fruit said...

I hope the same. @Allyson

Yes, the movie moment was really cute. @C.P.

Bruce said...

So, I am a bit slow on the uptake here.....but reading this, I am confused and intrigued. Looking for someone special or just playing the field. This seems somewhat voyeristic and in some ways fictional. Regardless, it is like reading someones diary, and leaves me wanting more.

Passion Fruit said...

Maybe looking for someone special by playing the field? Or maybe just taking what life has to offer and trying it on.

I hope not to disappoint you by letting you know the only fictional part is the names which I've changed in order to protect people from getting hurt.

My blog IS someone's diary - mine. I'm writing under an alias and changing names so I wouldn't have to hold back any facts nor emotions.

And there is plenty more to come.