Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hoochie Friday

Two weeks ago Friday I attended a birthday party. It was held out of town so after buying a nice metal box and changing some money into coins for the present to be a treasure (he had requested something that fits in an envelope if you know what I mean) my friend Lisa and I got in her car and took off.

The theme of the party was Truckers and Hookers. Damn was I hot! Lisa has a thing about wearing unconventional outfits so she refused to be neither. She's not very outgoing either so considering the fact we both only knew each other and the B-Day Boy I had no other chance but to stay by her side. Which meant I didn't get to mingle a lot, either. At least I got to know most of the guys while going out for a cigarette - the girls inside didn't dig us as the intruders that much, 'tho.

Lisa didn't want to stay over night so I agreed to leave around midnight since I had to get back home to let my brother who was in town and was going to stay at my place in. That obviously did not happen. I was having fun and wanted to get to know more people. And the B-Day Boy asked me to stay.

Lisa left half past midnight when they were awarding the best costumes and such. But after that was when the party actually started - that's when it got from drinking and chatting to drinking and dancing. I ignored the awful mustache the B-Day Boy had glued on when he smiled at me and reached out his hand with a 'may I?'.

So we danced. And then we danced some more. We danced close. He twirled me. And then he pulled me back in. We had a few cigarette and drink breaks and the guests wanted some of his attention, too, of course. But then we danced some more. He pulled me in close. Very close. And then he whispered in my ear 'I am going to kiss you soon, did you know that?'. 'I know,' I replied with a smile. He looked a little disappointed. 'Well, in that case I'll wait for a better song.'

A good fifteen seconds later he kissed me. His lips were soft and tender. He varied from gentle to passionate. Just the way I like it. 'Too impatient to wait for the next song, aren't we,' I said with a smirk. A 'yes' was all he could mumble before diving back in. When it came to smooching, we were a match - we used pretty much the same technique so the synergy was great.

We had been dancing and twirling and kissing for hours when at one point he took me by the hand and headed towards the hostel part of the building. The doors were open for a number of rooms so the sleepy guests could go right to bed and pay in the morning. We entered one of the empty rooms and I locked it from the inside.

I wasn't wearing a bra and my dress was on the floor before I could even notice. That's when the difficulties started. 'How can I get your panties off but leave the stockings and the holder on?' This meant I had to unhook the stockings, let him remove the panties and then hook it all up again, since, you know, 'you look hot in them' works almost as well as 'please'.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Oh, and he had removed his mustache long before our first kiss on the dance floor. He planted kisses all over my biggest and most sensitive organ - the skin. He fondled my breasts and caressed my body. He then finally put the male and female puzzle pieces together, the Lego pieces got attached, the Barbie and Ken.. well, they can't really do anything so that metaphore won't go. To make the short story I tend to make long back to short again, he entered me.

Still waiting for the part were the difficulties continue? Well, this is it. As it turned out, he had had just about enough alcohol to still think r a t h e r clear and walk r a t h e r straight but yet have some manly bits not in the best order. It wasn't completely out of order but exactly not functioning either so he tried a bit more but then we agreed to meet another time and be sober.

So we got dressed and back to the main room were only a few dancers were left - everyone else had either left, gone to sleep or were in the sauna. We decided to go to sleep, too, since the first train which I planned to get on was to go in about two hours. When we finally got past the chatting part and making him understand my need for some sleep before leaving it was already a bit after 5 o'clock in the morning. The alarm was set to 5:45.

When I got up it was impossible to awake him. He finally mumbled a 'bye' through sleep and so I took off. I missed the train since I got lost on my way but fortunately the next one came in fifteen minutes. I got home a bit before 8 o'clock. My roommate had let my brother in around 4:30 when I woke her up by calling her and asking her to do it. She's my angel!

Around noon (I was still asleep) I got a call from the B-Day Boy. He told me about their morning of cleaning an packing and told me he would be contact soon. A couple of days later he let me know via Windows Live that he is thinking about when to ask me out. I told him to let me know when ever he gets the thinking part over with. We have had a few chats since then and it seems we are both rather busy these days. If he asks me, I don't have anything against going out with him. If he doesn't.. well, his loss. :)


Cocaine Princess said...

I LIKE your attitude: "Well, his loss."

The theme was Truckers and Hookers? I'm guessing there is a connection between the two.....

Next time, if there is a next time, let him unhook your stockings.

Passion Fruit said...

I forgot to mention that he tried to unhook them himself. I even gave him instructions. After some huffing and puffing and when the house still hadn't collapsed he asked me to do it. Total mood killer!

Allyson said...

oh that is sooooo disappointing when that happens. ugh. either they never stop or they can't ever start.

you are right, it's HIS loss!

Allyson said...

good morning beautiful!

i have something for you over at my place :)

Miss Caught Up said...

Delightful, humorous, and eff-fantastic post!!

And yes! Definitely HIS LOSS! :)

jules said...

What a wild and crazy night! I love it! Can't wait to find out what happens next time with B-day boy. Sounds like you had a great outfit on too!

Passion Fruit said...

Oh, I let the actress in me loose and really managed to capture the essence of a hooker, looks wise at least. And yet I looked gorgeous! (oh the ego..)