Monday, November 16, 2009

Friday the 13th

I have never really let that date bother me. I have not hidden myself under the covers, I have not tried to ignore the presence of such an event. I have respected it but never actually feared it. Well, that has changed now.

All through the day I heard people talking about bumping (or having bumped) their car on the way to work. Or another guy who ran into a pipe at work and bruised his eye. Funny, I thought to myself, People are really having a Friday the 13th.

And then the classes were over so I headed to my dorm room. While trying to get the key in the whole.. I dropped my laptop. Actually I don't like to say 'I dropped it', I'd rather go with 'it fell'. So While trying to get the key in the whole, my laptop fell on the tiled floor.

What went on after that has no importance but the main keywords are probably 'panic', 'tears' and 'lots of phone calls to IT-related friends'. The screen is crashed. Fortunately, my mother said she'll lend me her laptop until I get mine fixed since she can use her work computer for her personal errands.

Until I get my mother's laptop and my own fixed, I'll use my brother's one (he is on a long visit here) when he's at work. I'm sad.




Cocaine Princess said...

I managed to have a disaster-free Friday The 13th but sorry about your laptop. It's never the same kind of vibe when you have to use someone else's computer.

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

Reading through your old posts, think I will have to do the Truckers & Hookers this for Tgiving dinner this year ... now, should I ask my MIL to dress as a Trucker or a Hooker? Hmm.

Allyson said...

i totally had crap happen to me on friday, too. booooooo

happy monday!

Passion Fruit said...

Princess - you were in luck! And yes, using someone else's computer is just plain wrong.

Mother,Lawyer,CrazyWoman - I think seeing either of those would be priceless!

Allyson - I think the next Friday the 13th we should both just take a day off and stay under the covers.