Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random Men: The Young Lawyer

I'm still not sure about giving him a name but I hope it will get a bit more clear in the next few days. He did come to pick me up last night - just before midnight so I was like Cinderella running from the class reunion. While driving back to town we did chat but he kept his eyes on the road.

Back in town we first went to an old ski jump tower waiting for the season. We climbed up the wooden stairs and took a seat for a chat and a cigarette. It was dark and there were old pines all around the tower but over them we had a magnificent view of the lighted town.

We then drove to the other end of the town and took a walk on a long pier. It was dark but the sky was filled with stars, the city lights were shining over the bay and the sound of waves was calming.

Our next stop was a belvedere in the Old Town. A view over the medieval city, snacking on grapes and bananas, all spiced with bass heard from night clubs. Well, the last one wasn't exactly pleasing but it did become part of the memory.

He then drove me home. It was around half past two. We had our last cigarettes and then he escorted me to the gate and gave me hug, saying 'See you tomorrow'. I smiled with a 'You're my hero,' referring to him rescuing me from the party.

The fact he still wanted to meet me the next day was a good thing, right? Yes, it was.

He called me a bit after noon today, asking if I was already awake. I was in my deepest dreams when the phone rang but did I tell him that? No, I'm all up! was what I said. You're not made of sugar, are you? he asked hopefully. It was raining but I let him know I had rubber boots so no worry. He told me he'd be here in a bit less than an hour.

We perambulated for an hour and a half in the Old Town, sharing an umbrella. Our walk found it's ending in a nice little café. The season of hot toddy has definitely arrived so we had some. We ended up chatting for hours.

He walked me home around six o'clock. As we were approaching my house he asked if I was willing to go out with him later in the night. I was just about to say 'Yes, if you're asking', but he beat me to it saying 'If I ask you nicely.'

So I got a hug and a 'See you later' on the gate again. He went home for a nap since he was tired but I'm waiting for him to call any time soon.

The fact he still wanted to meet me later in the night is a good thing, right?




Cocaine Princess said...

The fact he still wanted to meet me later in the night is a good thing, right?

-If it's for a little "midnight snack or nibble" then I say yes.

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