Sunday, November 22, 2009

Frankie: The Young Lawyer

He's got a name now. The Young Lawyer sounds nice, too, but it's not personal enough. And it's way too long. So I give you: Frankie The Young Lawyer. From here on, just Frankie.

As I told you yesterday, after going out during the day we went out in the evening, too. He was at my gate half past nine so we headed towards the Old Town again. Thanks to my miscalculations we took a bit longer walk than planned but that wasn't an issue for neither of us.

We finally settled at a members-only cultural-bohemian place. Oh, in the last post I mentioned him keeping his eyes on the road while chatting on Friday but what I forgot to say was that yesterday at the café he was already making a lot more eye contact. And by yesterday evening he rarely looked away.

Some Cuba Libre + two sets of sparkling eyes = endless chats for hours.

We left around midnight and he told me he'd be walking me home now since he had some paper work to do this morning. We made a little stop on one of the belvederes again and sat on the edge. All of sudden I noticed a strange man coming towards us. I was sure he was going to ask for cash or a cigarette or something but.. He had a rose in his hand and he gave it to Frankie, saying 'Give it to your girl.' And then he left. Maybe his own girl didn't show up, who knows. Ah, who cares, it's beautiful and mine now.

As we got up to move on, he offered me his elbow. So on we went arm in arm. My street came too soon, as usual. I was already looking forward to the goodbye on the gate when I noticed a young woman with a cigarette walking down the street. 'Now that can't be anyone else but my roomie,' I said, suggesting we'd join her for a cigarette.

At the same time I was really happy she got to meet Frankie and really disappointed about losing the last moments of alone time with him. But I knew I won't have to expect any less than perfect prudence from my very best friend. She claimed it was chilly outside and excused herself to go back inside.

After getting rid of the cigarette buds we stopped behind my gate again. This time it wasn't just a quick see-you-later-hug. He held me long and firmly. He then pulled back a little but didn't let go of me. He smiled with his eyes and then kissed me. He looked at me again and then we kissed some more.

His lips were so soft and.. well, I'm so giddy over this I just can't find words to describe it. I was melting like butter in his hands, not to mention feeling lightheaded. Even now, when I think about it, a jolt of butterflies storms through my stomach.

He hugged me again and caressed the back of my head. 'How about cooking tomorrow. You for me or me for you or together,' I heard him saying behind my ear. Since he mentioned somewhere along the conversation during our first date yesterday that her ex-girlfriend wasn't much of a cook (at all) I kept on talking about my GREAT cooking skills both during the day and night dates. So I told him it sounds like a good idea and that he should figure out what he would like to have.

After a bit more kissing he left. He did forget his gloves in my purse so he has to see me again anyway. But the fact he wanted to meet me again on the next dayt is a good thing, right? That tomorrow of his is today by now but it's just morning so.. we'll see what the day will bring.



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Cocaine Princess said...

The jolt of butterflies is always an incredible sensation to feel.

Hmm, could he have left his gloves in your purse on purpose?