Thursday, December 10, 2009

William: As Adorable As Ever

William called me yesterday. 'I had the feeling that you wanted to see me today so I thought I'd give you a ring,' he said, as charming as ever. Unfortunately I was out of the country and the plane was not to arrive before half past midnight.

'That's too bad. 'Tho it would be nice if I'd come to the airport with flowers to pick you up, wouldn't it? That might even make it to the magazines,' he said with a little amount of bravado in his voice. 'Yes, and that would be oh-so-fun, wouldn't it?' I laughed back. So we agreed to call again today.

It was already evening and I didn't think he would call anymore. About five minutes before nine I heard my phone making an unusual sound - his ringtone is the only one specially customized since he sent me the special ring himself. After finding out I was available I heard the worst words a woman can hear when in domestic clothes, messy hair and last night's make-up. 'I'll be down in five minutes.' 'What???' I asked since I was hoping he actually had said at least fifteen. 'O.K. seven.'

He was there in two minutes and I was ready in twelve. We went out to a nice little coffee shop, had some tea and chatted for a couple of hours. He told me he was going on a vacation with his wife and kids on Monday for a whole month so he'd thought we could meet up for a chat before that.

We will probably never stop sitting for a couple of minutes in the car in front of my house whenever he takes me home from places - it has become kind of a tradition. We're attending the same ball on Sunday so I asked him to save a dance for me. He told me he'd save a few and I promised I'll save him a few too, then.

And yes, I did get my kiss.




Cocaine Princess said...

I'm glad you received your kiss.

That's so sweet about having a special ringtone.

Can't wait to read about the ball.

Passion Fruit said...

And it's not just any ringtone - it's a piece of him singing "Venus" with a band.

JennyMac said...

How did he make his own ringtone? I am so impressed!

Passion Fruit said...

The song wasn't actually recorded to be a ringtone. He just cut a piece of the mp3 file out to be suitable for using as one.