Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hi. It was uncomfortable to send a text last night was the message I received this morning. I didn't answer. He probably expected me to ask why was it uncomfortable. I won't. There are only two options anyway and I don't care for either.

a) He was with his wife
b) He was with our mutual friends

Both excuses are meaningless since you don't have to text infront of the others - how about spending an extra half a minute in the toilet or while out for cigaret.

I do think he might have had sex with his wife but hey, he's got the right. I haven't told him to not to have sex with anyone but me, I'm just pissed I wasted many good sleeping hours on waiting up for him.

He did call though. A bit past noon. Neither of us said anything of importance but I could sense he was on his tiptoes. He wanted to know why I hadn't texted him back (as I said, I had no plan of asking why he didn't text). I answered with a question: what was I supposed to respond?
He mumbled something of at least letting him know I had received the message so I introduced him to the delivery status of text messages. OMG. I just checked my phone to see how was it named and what did I see.. All the messages I sent him last night are NOT YET DELIVERED. This means I was pissed without a reason. He didn't leave me unanswered, he even hasn't got my texts yet. And the text from him in the morning was not about not answering but about not texting on his own iniative. Haha. So if he gets the message I sent him about an hour ago (it read Oh, I really can't be in a bad mood, if I miss you more) he probably is going to be quite confused. Ah well. At least the weight from my shoulders is gone.

Hopefully he calls me later.



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