Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Frankie: A Little Hasty, Perhaps

It was already around six o'clock in the evening on the day of my last post. I had been waiting for Frankie to call all night long so I finally decided to send him a text. Before I had finished the first sentence the phone rang. It was Frankie, calling me to tell he had already gone grocery shopping but now is missing another pair of hands in the kitchen.

We live in walking distance from each other and he met me half the way. Not only he gave me a kiss but he also grabbed my hand as we were walking towards is flat. None of the men I've told you about before have ever done that. Peter usually gave me a quick little kiss when we met on the street but other wise no public displays of affection at all. None. Nada. Zilch. (Well, I don't blame the ones that have wives/girlfriends.. and most of them do.)

We made dinner together, we had dinner together, we watched some TV together. Every now and then he would pull me in and kiss me ever so gently yet with such an inner passion. At one point the show we had been watching was over. So there we were, sitting on the couch, kissing. I was really holding back giggles since I actually couldn't even remember my last 'making out on the couch session'.

At some point we weren't on the couch anymore. We were standing in the middle of the room. Kissing. Just for the record, what ever we did, we were kissing constantly. My chin was red for whole two days thanks to his five o'clock shadow. (Actually, I think it was more kind of like the five o'clock shadow of the second day)

He started hustling me towards The Bed, taking just inch-long baby steps. Once we got there he supported my back and laid me down. As you remember, all that was done while non-stop kissing. I can vaguely remember some clothes flying in different directions but I sure do remember what came next.

Do you, girls, recall the episode no 82 (The Catch) of Sex And The City where Carrie meets Harry's best man a.k.a Jack Rabbit before Charlotte's second wedding? Well, I didn't get any neck injuries but anyway.. need I say more. If you don't remember the episode, don't read the plots. You have to watch it.

After that we just laid there for a couple of hours - looking at each other, caressing each other, kissing each other. In the morning he suggested I could stay there until he came back from work but that already got me a little alarmed. So I decided to go home.

When he got off work we met for a half an hour since I was going the same way as was his way home so we went together. I then went for a meeting and he went home.

Tuesday night we met at a bar to just hang out with a couple of friends a little and at one point he decided that for him it was time to go. Since we live in the same directions I left at the same time. Half way to my place he asked me if I wanted go home or to his place, perhaps. Well, If you'd invite me, I'd come, I told him as innocently as possible. Would you pleaaase come to my place? he said in a voice you usually hear children use when they try to convince their parents to buy them something nice since, you know, they've been soooo good.

I did go. I had another encounter with Jack Rabbit but I actually think it's not a permanent issue. I think just needs some guidance and actually has potential to improve. He probably just hasn't had too much of experience and probably no guidance at all. And that's exactly why usually don't get too involved with young boys! I do want to be a mommy some day but that to a child not a man.

The next morning I went home again just to come back later in the evening. We watched Enchanted and just slept in each other's arms. He was probably a little puzzled by the fact that for the first time I didn't get naked for sleep but kept my underwear on but he didn't ask or try anything so I didn't have to have the 'sometimes women bleed talk' during the first week.

Thursday morning I left with him as he went to work as always. As I had a meeting just after he got off from work again we had a short walk together and that was it. On Friday he asked me out but I busy preparing for my big day on Saturday. On Saturday he first asked me out and then asked me to go to his place when I got back in town but since my bus came in late I got home at five o'clock in the morning I decided to stay home. On Sunday I had some family time and got home late again.

Yesterday morning we agreed to meet later in the night. I was tired and didn't really feel like going anywhere so I thought to myself I wouldn't contact him myself. If he did, I'd go. Around ten o'clock in the evening I got a text from him. It turned out his appendix was just about to be removed.

I wanted to go and visit him in the hospital today but right now there are no visitors allowed because of the swine flu. He did text me he was already at home but I had two meetings tonight and was too tired afterwards. I guess I should go by tomorrow.




Cocaine Princess said...

Your moment on the couch with him sounded so adorable.

It's been ages for me getting kissed by a guy with a five o'clock shadow {mixed with the scent of a really nice cologne}. The only problem is I wind up doing more giggling than kissing.

Ah yes the women bleed talk: sometimes it can be awkward but it seems as if Frankie perhaps got the hint.

I do hope his surgery went well and he recovers quickly.

Passion Fruit said...

Well, he had the surgery on Monday night and was already sent home on Tuesday. I gave him a little visit tonight.

Anonymous said...


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