Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mark: Curious part 2

By the time we got back from the hike it was already around 9PM. A few guests that had left on Saturday night had come back during our hike but most of them left soon. My mother among them. Be a good girl, she said when I escorted her to her car. Don't do anything mischievous. Well, I was drunk when she told me that. I tried my best to seem as clear as possible, and to sound as credible as possible, when saying Oh c'mon.. Pleeeaaasee.. Why would I ever do anything like that?

Later on after dinner (accompanied by alcohol and more alcohol) we were all (a group of ten or so) sitting around the table in the party tent and just chillin'. And then we started playing cards. We all invited some good friends to join us, my BFF was Champagne with Watermelon Chunks. That was because the cards were for drinking games, not for good old poker. I was sitting next to Mark and on his other hand was Grace. What a lucky guy, a blonde on his one hand and a brunette on his other.

We all got more and more drunk and some people were already going to bed. Eventually it was me, Mark, Grace, The Bride and The Photographer (obviously not in the condition to be taking any pictures that night). And that's when things got awkward. Who knows why but all of sudden Mark and Grace were having an argument over the table (by that time I was sitting between them). Grace left saying that she has had it and that she is going to sleep. The Bride went after her.

We were sitting there with Mark, both wasted and he in a very grumpy mood. Before I got a chance to say anything The Bride was back. She was almost hysterical (drunk hysterical which isn't particularily fun) and very angry with Mark for making a person she loves cry. 'You might see her as an angel, you know, everybody does. But you don't understand that she's like the devil to me,' he said. That didn't really work, you know. So I got up and tried my best to calm her down, telling her to go and check up on Grace and let me handle Mark (I still don't understand how I manage to do things like that). And to go to sleep, both her and Grace. Unbelievable, but she did.

I sat down next to Mark and put my hand on his shoulder to talk to him about the whole thing. He pushed me away. Don't touch me. I know you're on their side, I heard you talking to The Bride. What do you do with an almost hysterical man that is grumpy, irritable and resentful? You lie to them. Tell them sweet little white lies. Such as I just wanted to calm her down, ACTUALLY I'm on your side. Well, it wasn't all lies, I really wanted to calm The Bride down so she would leave and give me some alone time with Mark.

So we just started to chat and he cooled pretty much off. We talked about love, life, politics, anything. Not that I recall any details since as you might remember, we were absolutely wasted. But you too may have experienced the way people become great thinkers, true philosophers when they bring their good buddy Booze to the set. We sat there for hours, and as the night before, he again kept on telling me how beautiful I was and how good it was to listen to me and how much he enjoys chatting with me. The 'I really shouldn't be saying this but..' hadn't left us either.

At the beginning Grace kept on calling him. He kept on ending the call. And she still kept on calling. And he still kept on ending the call. Then she started texting. The first few he read but at some point he didn't even bother anymore. So there we were, chatting away. Suddenly I noticed we hadn't been talking for a while. We had been kissing. Hmm, how did that happen, I wonder? There was a moment when he broke the kiss and turned his head towards the open wall of the tent. We have already been seen, he said.

Oh my, I did promise to finish with the wedding with this post but obviously this isn't the case. So much for making it short. Stay tuned for more!

To be continued.




JP said...

I was sucked in, then BAM cliff hanger. Hahaha. Love your writing.

Passion Fruit said...

Thank you, it's really great to get that kind of feedback. I actually can't wait to have enough spare time to get to the rest of the story - obviously writing it down is so much like going through all these situations again that it sucks myself in, too.

Passion Fruit said...

That's why I keep having trouble with making it short. The Wedding Story is already three posts going on four.. and each of them a mile long. Yet I feel so much is left untold.

La Belle Mere UK said...

Woah.... can't wait for the next instalment! You have a new follower.

LBM xxx

Cocaine Princess said...

There may have booze but remember:

"In vino veritas".

Passion Fruit said...

I'm glad to excite your senses. Thanks for becoming a follower! @ LBM

You're right, as always. Unfortunately there's not only the truth but also some coordinational malfuntcioning involved. @ CP