Sunday, October 11, 2009

Peter: Speak of The Devil

On Wednesday I mentioned I hadn't heard from Peter for quite some time and expressed hope it wouldn't happen any time soon. Well, speak of the devil! Thursday night I went to the movies with some colleagues. When we came out of the theatre around nine I checked my phone to see if anyone had called me. Surprise-surprise, I had a missed call from no other than Peter!

He had called about half an hour ago and I supposed I have to return the call since otherwise it would have seemed suspicious. It turned out he had wanted to invite me to the movies. I had called back too late for that (not exactly bad news for me) so he asked me what I was up to for the rest of the night. Oh lord was I happy to have an alibi. I had my brother over for the weekend AND I was going to birthday later that night. And oh lord was I unhappy about him knowing the street I live on since it's just a few streets away from his home so he made a point of it being a good thing since that way he, quoting, 'could call me any time and come by or call me over'.

Then he kept on blabbering about my work and the busy times and such. I really wasn't in the mood for all that and I intentionally kept from flirting, using my 'seductive' voice and such. He noticed and told me it's funny the way my expressions and mood of speech have changed during the time we haven't talked but he didn't seem to realize it's not a good thing for him. Anyway, the call was so long my colleague had driven me home from the movies during it. I was already so fed up with him and the never ending call I just interrupted him and told him I've got to run. Bye.




Miss Caught Up said...

Hopefully, he'll stop calling you now? lol I think you should just blatantly tell him you're just not into him ;)

Passion Fruit said...

I suppose but.. here's the thing. When we first started going out with Peter he told me he wasn't looking for anything serious. He also told me he wouldn't be the one to end our 'relationship'. 'Haha, we'll see about that,' I thought to myself back then. At that time I thought he would melt and actually become to want something serious but that didn't happen.. and now I just don't want him to be right even 'tho I don't want him myself anymore. An ego thing, I suppose..