Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The past month has been absolutely crazy work wise and the next two weeks will be even worse. Meaning The Mark Story will have to wait a little more to be finished. 'Tho it hasn't exactly ended yet so 'finish' is not the right word to use.. Let's say it will take a bit of time before I can get it up to date here.

Just a quick review on the men lately:

John is on a business trip this week. We have had a few IM chats via Skype and things are more than normal. No pain hidden in our words, nothing like that. Just plain friendly talkin' on daily subjects and life philosophy and other blabla as such.

Peter I've heard nothing of for a couple of weeks - the last time he called me I told him I was busy and he asked me if there was any point of contacting me before the end of the busy time (in the middle of October) and I said 'no'. Hopefully he forgets and won't contact me at all, I just don't like to be mean and reject anyone yet I don't want to go out with him either.

Mark is being so Mark. We have a few MSN chats weekly and the last weekend he even called me and tried to convince me to go out clubbing with him. And then he forgot the Skype call on so I overheard him talking to his friend about me. That's a part of The Mark Story and will come soon.

And then there are the Random men as I have labelled them. There are a few that aren't actually that random at all since I associate with them daily but anything too interesting hasn't happened.

There is one young boy who is pretty much the male me - we act the same, we think the same, we like the same. 'Tho I like it a lot I can still feel his youth. He is a lot more mature than other boys of his age but he still lacks experience and tact and is a bit immature time to time. We get along extremely well. The first few days after we met there was some intense flirting but then we discovered that we understand each other so well we can come to each other with our deepest worries. So we're more like fiduciaries than anything else to one another. The flirt hasn't really gone anywhere but it's not spicy anymore, I'd rather call it ineluctable since we are both irresistable, haha. But I'd still like to give him a name and his own label, too. The young boy will be known as Carl from here on.

And then there is the man I've paired up at work for the busy times. When around others we act all normal - that means very very friendly since everyone has understood we get along more than well. But when we're going around doing our thing.. well, let's just say the heat is hot. Our flirt is so very assertive and I think that's exactly what we like about each other - the confidence and the wit. And yet it's not sexy and seducive but rather attractive and trusting - and strangely natural. Very weird. And again, I love the fact he's a man of experience, I can sense it with every cell in my body. Even 'tho the chances of things staying just platonic are high I would still like to name him, too. Everybody, let's welcome William to the bunch.

I will probably never change. Short posts are just impossible to achieve.




Cocaine Princess said...

Well this has got me thinking: Is there a male version of me.....hmmmm....

Awesome post Passion.

Passion Fruit said...

Ah, I'm sure he's out there somewhere. 'Tho the odds of a male version of us girls existing are probably higher than the odds of us ever meeting them.

Miss Caught Up said...

Very interesting. You life sounds like mine! And I also found a male version of myself! Ah... isn't it fun? :)

Passion Fruit said...

I would say 'more than you'd ever imagine' but I'm sure you don't have to imagine since you live a parallel life with mine. ;)