Sunday, October 11, 2009

William: Don't Play With Fire

Saturday night we had a big party with colleagues. It started around eight o'clock but I arrived at nine. The previous night I got a call from Carl who doesn't know everybody else so well yet so he asked me if we could go together. I had nothing against it as long as he had nothing against going a little later. He didn't. Us arriving together did bring some attention, I must say. Nobody said anything at first but I did notice more than one curious looks and even some envious glances from both men and women.

We did spend a bit more time together in the beginning but I had a lot of people to talk to and he started to make friends, too. Yet he was rather attentive to me the whole night, bringing me drinks and escorting me to smoke breaks. I was actually even asked if we had anything going on between us but I said we were just very good friends and he didn't know anyone else that well. One of the curious ones was William. Actually, William was the reason I didn't pursue anything with Carl that night.

William spent most of the night behind the bar since he had just tried it the last night and had come to like making cocktails. I went by for a chat every now and then but didn't stay for long since he had a queue most of the time AND it would have looked a bit suspicious. He did take breaks from the bar every once in a while but there were a lot of folks that wanted to talk to him and I get to do it daily so I didn't interrupt.

As the night went on the performers had finished, a lot of (boring) people had left and the DJ came on. Some people had already started dancing but I wasn't among them when William took another one of his breaks. He came up to me and we just stood there talking, both nodding to the beat. 'Are we dancing?' he asked me. 'Sure' I replied grabbing him by the hand and heading to the dance floor.

So we danced for the next couple of songs. The music was loud so when ever we wanted to tell each other something (and we are both very talkative) we really had to lean in and say it right in the ear and well, you know, there just isn't any other way of doing that than by pressing your cheek to the other person's cheek, right girls?

'Enough of this for now. We have to wait for a slow song so we can dance reaaal close to each other without looking suspicious.' he said to my ear. We stepped aside and talked a little more and then he went back to the bar, telling me to call him when the slow song comes. I went back to dancing with others. Later on I went out for a cigarette with Carl. William came there already wearing his jacket.

'I just remembered I have a home to go to,' he said. 'Too bad a slow song didn't come up'. Was I disappointed or what! I asked him to wait a little longer but he was tired. During our conversation I had finished the cigarette and so had Carl so he went back inside which left only me and William on the terrace. He gave me a big hug and kissed me on the neck and then pulled back a little to leave. His hands were still around my arms and mine on his waist when we talked a little more but then he gave me a kiss on my forehead and left.

The next day we had some work to do together again. Nothing special happened but he did express regret that we missed the slow dance. When he gave me ride after we had finished for the day we sat in the car chatting for a few more minutes as we always do. I had got some dust all over my jeans and jacket so he reached out his hand to clean me up a little, saying 'You want me to wipe it off for you?'. 'Of course,' I smirked. 'Boy, am I happy I got dusty since maybe other wise you wouldn't have wiped me at all!'. He grinned. 'Don't play with fire, girl.' He then caressed the back of my neck as he always does when I'm leaving and told me to be good girl. 'I'm always a good girl,' I told him with a wink and left.




Miss Caught Up said...

Oh, how delicious! I love a good flirt and some ... slight touching. I can't wait to hear more about William!

Passion Fruit said...

Oh yes, the ever so slight touching. A brush of hand, standing shoulder by shoulder, hand around the waist for a 'let's go'.. Not to mention whispering in the ear and quick back rubs.

Kris said...

the little gestures are the best.

Passion Fruit said...

Depends on the level of the relationships. In this case with me and William - they are indeed.

Cocaine Princess said...

Hey if you don't play with fire, what's the point of playing then?

Passion Fruit said...

Here's my theory: I'm not the one playing with fire. I AM the fire and it's men's choice whether they dare to touch the flames or not.

Cocaine Princess said...

I like your reply!!