Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A couple of posts ago I told you about Peter's habit never to contact me before two weeks after each few days we have been in contact. Well, he has been breaking that rule of his a lot lately. Since the forementioned post, to be exact. Not obsessively a lot but definitely more than before.

So it started on the Third of August. As you know, that was supposed to start a new two week cycle and I didn't expect to hear from him for quite some time but to my surprise just a few days later he texted me again, and STILL from abroad. It is very common for me to not be able to not answer other people's messages. Even if the last one addressed to me was already a rather vacuous one I would usually answer with an even more vacuous one. It's just too tempting - I guess I always hope to find out or hear something more, maybe something interesting. Naturally, that rarely happens.

Anyway, with Peter I have always been the one to send the last message, and not always the kind which would be pointless to answer. Each time it happened I decided the next time I will be the one to not respond anymore but it was as he had read my mind since he always stopped just as I thought the next one I won't answer. The reason I'm telling you about this is because I made progress! After a few messages I stopped responding and boy, was I proud of myself. I still am but by now I've managed to do it again so the first time was the special one. :D

So he had made contact with me on Monday, then on Thursday and the next time was on Tuesday when he sent me a few IMs via Skype (which he hardly ever does even 'tho we are both online quite often). He asked what I was doing the next day and that if I had time and the weather was OK we could take a drive to the countryside to see the shooting stars (there were supposed to be around thirteen per hour or so on that day). I thought about it and wasn't really in the mood but then again I didn't have anything better to do either so I agreed. He promised to call as soon as the plane landed and I told him to not let me down (he has on many occasions).

Wednesday was really cloudy so I was rather convinced he won't even call. Actually, I didn't really care, either. He did call, 'tho. He mentioned the clouds and said his car was getting some work done so we couldn't have gone on a drive anyway. Ah well, I thought to myself, I couldn't be bothered to see him anyway. But then he proposed getting together later in the evening just for the sake of it. I knew I wouldn't go but told him to call me later when he got his business taken care of.

Around nine I went out for a cigarette with an old friend who lives in the neighborhood. To my surprised another of our old friends was with him and they were on their way to that other guy's place to watch some soccer. Again, I had nothing better to do so I tagged along 'tho I'm not much of sports fan especially when it comes to watching it on TV. I grabbed a watermelon gin long drink and a pomegranate beer from a convenience store on the way and tried to get myself in 'the mood'. Well, I was laughing most of the time and mainly on my own jokes since it was awfully boring. Fortunately, the guys weren't such big fans, either, so they were more amused than annoyed.

After the game around ten o'clock I got a call from Peter who said he was going to be available soon. I laughed. The game is over, huh, I asked. He was so busted. Apparently he too had been watching the game with his buddies so he asked me if it was OK to call me again in an hour or so since he thought I might not like the dark lager smell on him. Sure, I said, take your time. The amout of alcohol I had was rather small and would usually get me maybe a little tipsy but definitely not drunk. Unfortunately I thought it might be good idea to take a few puffs from the joint one of my friends offered. I do it rarely and usually not with alcohol and I've been good 'till then. Well, this time it was not a good idea. As soon as I got home around half past midnight I almost crawled into bed and begged for sleep to come so I wouldn't have to feel so sick anymore.

Just the moment as I was finally falling asleep, Peter called again. I said I was already in bed and too tired to go anywhere, and that I wouldn't want him over for the same reason. I could hear the disappointment in his voice but hell, I was not going to let him see me like that. Besides, I didn't plan on seeing him while sober, either. When he offered to postpone our little get-together on the next day, I just said yes. First of all, I really wanted to sleep. Second, I had been making excuses for too long and probably had made him a little suspicious already. And for third, I thought why not for a change.


Oh my, I think I might have already crossed the line of readable length, and that even before the story got interesting. The main part is the Thursday night so I guess I'll leave it to the next post.


To be continued..




Cocaine Princess said...

Yes, yes, why not for a change, hmm?

Passion Fruit said...

That I can only answer with an evil grin.