Saturday, August 29, 2009


Before I start the Wedding Weekend story (which I shall try my best to make short), I just have to mention something. By the four-days-theory, Peter was supposed to contact me today (Saturday). He already broke the new rule. He contacted me yesterday which was a day early. AND today, too.

Instead of telling you about the whole wedding (which was so very beautiful) I'll just go straight to the subject of men. I have already told you about my way to pick some guy out at any event and then start the hunt. I knew the wedding is not going to be a very big one so I assumed there will be two kind of men - half will be my relatives and the other half taken. And all the rest are just ugly. I was right.

I thought it would be a good idea to find some single eyecandy since the opposite would have been too much of a risk. I found one very cute guy who looked rather young but the wavy surfer hair and bright blue eyes assured me that wouldn't matter since hey, it's not like I wanted to marry him. He had noticed me, too, and we had a nice little eye contact thing going on. Aaand then he walked by with his hand around his girlfriend whose date he was at the wedding. That didn't exactly stop him from continuing the eye contact thingie with me. I found it amusing and gave him a shrewd grin whenever he dit it, but crossed him of my list for anything more.

Then there was the photographer. He was cute. He had a cute German accent. The wedding itself was very multicultural, I suppose, since a lot of guests were from different countries like Canada, Germany etc so the two main languages were our native tongue and English. So, back to the photographer. He hadn't noticed me at first but grew to like me after the photoshoot of guests for the wedding album. He, too, tried making eye contact plus he had the advantage of watching people through the camera. As I said, he was rather cute, but I think he maybe had had too much of that famous German lager since he had already developed a beer belly. He was very attentive and sincere but that was exactly why I didn't want to pursue anything romantic with him - I recognized the type to fall easily in him and I guess I agreed with the voice of my conscience that it really would not be a nice thing to hurt him.

And then there was Mark. Oh, I really want to write about him but the thing is, if I want to make it short, I wouldn't get everything said. If I got everything said, it would be too long. So I'll just stop here and start with him in the next post dedicated to him alone. By the way, in the first post after the wedding I promised the wedding weekend story to come soon and was hoping that things have maybe become more interesting by that time. They have, indeed.

To be continued.




Lin said...

Cant wait to hear about Mark. I'm sure it'll be interesting ;)

BTW, thanks for following my blog (though I cant promise my stories will be as cool as yours) & good luck with the giveaway!

Passion Fruit said...

Thanks for stopping by, you're more than welcome to come again - the Mark story will be up soon.

And I like your blog, I like all the small everyday details in life. And thanks for the luck, I'm going to need it since I hope I win!! :)

Cocaine Princess said...

Hmm, wavy surfer hair and bright blue eyes

Actually sounds pretty dreamy. I liked how you separated the guys:......"And all the rest are just ugly"

Passion Fruit said...

Well, they were! And I was just being honest - why would I go after an ugly guy if it's just for having fun? If we only have that one night then I don't have time to get to know the person to find out if there's any inner beauty and never mind the looks.