Monday, August 24, 2009

Still amused

Thursday 13th was a rather busy day. I had a few workshops, some meetings and a birthday to attend. I didn't hear from Peter until around eight or nine in the evening but I had just got home from the last workshop and the birthday was still ahead. That's what I told him, too, and he was actually relieved. A friend of his was celebrating his birthday also so they had made quick plans to go to a concert - a cantata performed by an orchestra, different choirs and ballet dancers. He assumed they would probably chat a bit after the peformance and assured me he would call afterwards.

The birthday was a small gathering with around ten people in the Birthday Girl's apartment. Good pasta, cake, a fireplace, an angry cat and a lot of alcohol and even more humor would be the keywords of the event. As I said, the company wasn't exactly too big to choose from but I always like to seek out the cutest and/or the smartest and/or the funniest and/or the most charming men in the bunch to keep me fom boredom. Even if I don't have any evil plans with them I at least like to have some eyecandy, a bonnie. So, as usually, I picked one out there, too.

At first, I just 'happened' to go to the kitchen for a cigarette at the same time as he. The first few times we smoked in silence but with each round we started talking more and eventually listening to him with a tilted head, know-it-all-smile and anime eyes paid off - he was the one following me for a smoke from there on, and back in the living room I noticed the way he couldn't take his eyes off me. When I caught his eyes he didn't turn away; instead he smiled a friendly smile with a devilish twist to it. Naturally, I returned it.

It was around midnight when Peter called and suggested we'd meet somewhere but I was having fun and had no interest in leaving. It would've been impolite to turn him down, too, so I talked to the B-Day Girl and she gave the green light for Peter to crash the party. He arrived after an hour or so; lucky for me, he didn't make any public displays of affection. 'Tho on the next cigarette round Paul, the cute guy, asked me if Peter was my man-partner. It was so hard not to laugh - who the F says 'man-partner'? No, not my partner, I said. Just a man.

So, even 'tho Peter was sitting next to me, touching my ancles every now and then, giving me sexy compliments in a lowered voice, Paul and I still kept on the game of smiles and cigarettes. No doubt that Peter noticed it since on many occasions he appeared in the kitchen when my smoke was half way down or so. At first, he just came there and started chatting with the people there, but later on he even grabbed a cigarette. He's a non-smoker. But he never found anything compromising since all we did was talk. Among other things Paul regretted that I haven't gone out with their 'gang' before, and later on even asked me to go on a late night walk. I knew that would've been too much since Peter was there and invited by me after all so I made some silly excuse to pass the offer.

Couple of guests left around 4AM and so did me and Peter. We got a ride to Peter's place; I hadn't been there for a couple of months but nothing had changed. That's when small weird things started appearing. Let me hug you properly first, I didn't get to before. I've longed for it ever since we last met. He held me long and tight. Now, there is nothing wrong with hugging. I love hugging. I really am a big hugger. But Peter isn't, or at least hasn't been with me. Putting his arms around me - sure; a quick hug when meeting or the street - usual; holding me like that apart from during intercourse - never.

He then went to the bathroom for a quick shave - his beard grows really fast so what other men call a three-day-beard, he has by night after shaving in the morning. He always shaves before coming to bed with me so he wouldn't scratch me. I once told him it's not necessary but he said that a smooth face will undoubtedly be more pleasurable for me, and what was there to argue. Anyway, it was just as I thought it would be. Good, better than average definitely. But not anything special. No mind blowing orgasm, no shooting stars, no heavens. At least not for me. He, on the other hand, came faster than usual AND was all cuddly afterwards - again, something I used to pursue but he didn't use to come along with.

And a few more notes I made: it is very common for him to ask me if I'm comfortable and to make sure he's not hurting me in any way and such. I've also listed you some of the ways he has called me in an earlier post. That night I heard two for the first time. With the forementioned questions. Darling and Honey. He has always avoided expressions and acts that are common to closer relationships. It was he who said on our second date that he is not looking for anything serious at this time. That the perfect relationship in his eyes is a great friendship with the bonus of great sex. He reminded me that every once in a while.

At first I was sure I can break through but at some point I understood that I won't. Plus things got more and more serious with John so for quite some time now I haven't been attracted to Peter anymore thus I decided to have the same attitude as him. Why wouldn't you have sex with a good friend if both know it won't lead to anything else? It's the same as going to the movies, to the park, eating out, playing games or whatever else with a friend. It can be very fun but definitely not as special as with the person you have feelings for. With the person you're attracted to, you can watch snail race and have a blast.

The next morning he had some work to do so he woke up and went to his laptop. I took mine to his bed. He made some calls and then told me he had to leave for a meeting but I could stay if I wanted to - he would show me how to put on the alarm. Actually, I had been waiting for a chance to leave so I had no intentions of staying. We walked together for some time and when I had to take a turn, he gave me a kiss and said that he has some busy days coming up so he doesn't know when we could meet again. I was going to attend a wedding on the weekend anyway so I told him I was busy, too. I'll call you some time then, OK? he said. Go ahead, and off I was.

As said, that was on Friday. Again, didn't have to wait for two weeks. On Tuesday around ten he sent me a text asking how was the wedding. It was great. His next message was full of offers: would I like a nightly burger or some mineral water (I had a hangover) or a hot bath or to watch a silly comedy. I turned him down, saying I was really tired and that I hadn't planned on meeting anyone anymore so I had just had some fish. He then sent me another text saying that fish is cool and that he is rather tired, too, so it's ok for me to go to sleep. And if I couldn't fall asleep I would let him know so he could nestle with me and snore along. First of all, I don't snore. Second of all, that has not happened before. I remember offering him just sleeping side by side when he was too tired for any kind of action. He never would, he always found some more excuses. I did not answer that one. I did not have a problem falling asleep, either.

It seems to me that the two-week-rule has become the four-days-rule. I got a text from him the past Saturday. I just had a little piece of fish and thought (not the first time today) about You. Are you having a good time? Well, he sent that around 11PM. I read it 6:30AM. And answered him where I was and that I was having a blast. Haven't heard from him ever since but if the new rule is true, he should be contacting me on Wednesday.

Oh, and about Paul. We didn't exchange numbers or anything but I heard from the B-Day Girl that most of her friends are asking almost daily when will I be going out with their 'gang'. I have already been invited to a few of their parties but I was out of town each time. Anyway, this turned out another marathon post but I really wanted to get that Peter story down. The next is the wedding weekend story, or as much I can remember about it.




Cocaine Princess said...

"Friendly smile with a devilish twist to it."

Is there a better smile than that?

"With the person you're attracted to, you can watch snail race and have a blast."

You can also add watching paint dry. When you're with the one you love even the most boring things become exciting.

Passion Fruit said...

That specific smile is my trademark.

And I suppose it's not te boring things that become exciting, it's you who becomes excited.