Monday, August 3, 2009

Retaining a memory

A little entr'acte before continuing the case of John and me.

A funny habit Peter has - works like clockwork, 'tho - is communing with me for a few days and then contacting me again exactly after two weeks. I doubt he does it on purpose but maybe that's when his subconscious insinuates him it's the optimal time to remind himself to a woman so the woman wouldn't think too much of it nor lost interest.

Anyway, he sent me a text today. About being by the bluest lake and under the bluest sky and asking how is my summer going. He couldn't keep from refering to a time we spontaneously had sex on the beach and no, I am not talking about the cocktail. We were on our way back to town from a romantic getaway, he had a few hours to a business meeting. The weather was perfect and so had been the night before so I was looking for a chance to prolong our little adventure - I asked if he had couple more hours to spare and suggested finding a beach on the way. He willingly agreed and handed me the road map.

When we arrived at the beach it wasn't as empty as we had both secretly hoped (well, it was around noon and the weather was great.. actually there were only around ten individuals) but walking coastwise we found a rather isolated spot. There was a big bush of wild roses on one side and reed on the other side; behind us some bushes and pine trees; in front of us straws and a magnificent view of the oh so still and shimmery sea. He layd out a blanket and I undressed down to my bikini. I sat down on the blanket and so did he.

He leaned towards me and kissed me gently. He pulled back to look into my eyes; I smiled knowingly and a second later we were already engaged in passionate kissing. Both my bikini top and bottom are tied with strings which make them rather easily removable, although for a man as skilled as him that's not important, I suppose. Nevertheless, it helped to make things more interesting as Peter kissed his way down my body and pulled the bikini bottom strings loose with his teeth, saying he's helping me prevent tanning lines. Sex on the beach accompanied by a soft breeze, the sound of the sea and birds, the thrill of getting caught (someone actually DID pass our spot at some point but that didn't change anything).. We even looked for a position where we both could see the sea at some point.

After we both had come we took a moment to catch our breath and then went for a swim. Well, if you could call getting in and out of the water in two minutes swimming - it was extremely cold. We saw people down the shore so I guess they probably were able to see us, too. But hey, there were no children around and we were still rather isolated. Walking back we passed a couple who had also looked for a separated place but had not come as far as we were. They saw us skinny-dipping for sure and the girl was tanning topless - we were sure it's gonna get a lot hotter there, too.

It was a purrrfect conclusion to our getaway. On the drive back I had three bananas - one of my favourite snacks, especially after a good work-out, and THAT sex with Peter most surely is. He then dropped me off and went to his meeting.

So today the two week cycle got full and he sent me a text. This time it most surely was not about him looking to get some since as it turned out, he is abroad, on a business trip. We sent a few witty lines back and forth and that was it. More than enough for me, to be honest. Anyway, this was supposed to be a short notice of Peter contacting me and look what turned out. I will continue with John with the next post, I promise.




Cocaine Princess said...

This was so sensually written and full of PASSION.

Making love on the beach....two bodies melting into one under the starlit sky, the sound of the ocean waves drowning out lovers moans...Oh dear I better stop!

Passion Fruit said...

I can see you can identify yourself with the situation. I think I can't even imagine a life without passion.

Cocaine Princess said...

If you're not living life with passion, then you're not really living.

Passion Fruit said...

Looks like we're made out of the same wood.

JennyMac said...

Passion is the center of relationships. Great post.

Brother Frankie said...

passion is a friggin awesome thing..

i tell people that GOD loves us passionately.

without requiring anything in return..

thanks for sharing your passion..

be blessed
brother Frankie
a biker for christ